Business Relations

Norsam Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of three United States patents in the field of focused ion beam technology, US patent numbers 5,721,687 (2/24/98), 5,773,116 (6/30/98) and 6,230,071 (5/8/01). These three patents were developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) scientists Dr. Bruce Lamartine and Roger Stutz and exclusively licensed from LANL by Norsam in 1995.

License Agreements

Los Alamos National Laboratory/University of California (1995)

Norsam entered into an exclusive license agreement on November 20, 1995 with Los Alamos National Laboratory for three US patents, 5,721,687, 5,773,116 and 6,230,071 in the field of focused ion beam technology for the term of the patents.

DeBeers (2001)

Norsam entered into a Cross-License Agreement with DeBeers in 2001 for DeBeers to utilize Norsam's patents in the diamond industry for placing marks on diamonds for the term of the patents.

Gemex Systems, Inc. (2008)

Norsam entered into an exclusive license with Gemex Systems ( in 2008 for Gemex to market Norsam's diamond marking technology to the diamond industry, excluding custom marking for Norsam's own account through Sacred Light Diamonds and existing customers.

Business Opportunities/Potential License Agreements

Archival Preservation

Norsam is available to enter into a license agreement or other business relationship to manufacture and produce high density analog (microscopically eye-readable) data in nickel discs for the archival preservation industry as a durable microfilm replacement.

Educational Curriculum and Equipment

Norsam has trained individuals in the operation of focused ion beam equipment. Norsam has a unique program of educational materials and equipment for Nanoscience, Microscopy and Micromachining purposes for universities, colleges and high schools.

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The entire Bible or other sacred writings or classic texts can be recorded to the space of a few square millimeters and utilized for necklaces, pins or other pieces of jewelry. Norsam is looking for manufacturing and marketing partners to bring these jewelry products to market.