HD-Rosetta™ and Related Processes

HD-Rosetta™ archival preservation technology utilizes unique microscopic processes to provide analog and/or digital data, including information as texts, line illustrations or photos on nickel plates. Density can be as high as over 10,000 pages per plate.
Benefits of the HD-Rosetta™ Nickel Archive System:(Testing Results)
  • Few environmental controls required
  • Immune to technology obsolescence
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Immune to water damage
  • Unaffected by electromagnetic radiation
  • Highly durable over long periods of time
  • Jewelry Applications of HD-Rosetta™ Processes
    Sacred or classic texts can be mastered in HD-Rosetta™ format and replicated in 24 carat gold on a polymer support. This extension of HD-Rosetta™ processes makes it possible to manufacture very attractive pieces of devotional jewelry, such as depicted above.